Fearless Girl stands up to the United States of America, 2022

Price: USD 2600Print: 25in x 50inFramed: 27in x 52in-Frame is natural birch wood with museum glass. Signed and 16/30 Limited edition.Print is available without framing.

Photographed at 3:30am during the 2020 pandemic, Ahmer Kalam found the Fearless Girl staring down the American flag. As symbol of empowerment and hope, Fearless girl captures the beauty of courage and strength. This photography is a perfect reminder of the strength and power we all have within us. It's sure to inspire and empower you every day.

About Ahmer

Ahmer Kalam is an Pakistani-American award winning creative director. Best known for his iconic advertising campaigns for JPMorgan Chase & Marriott International, Ahmer is a two time Emmy nominee and has multiple pieces in MOMA’s permanent collection. His photographs convey intense stories, stunning moments and feelings just with a single glance of the camera lens. From skylines to city lights, Ahmer's work reveals how magical it truly is to be an observer of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Available for viewing:Decor Art Gallery555 3rd Ave, New York Yousof at Decor Art Gallery212-725-6787yosof@decorartgallery.net