Identity / Logos

Chase / So You Can

This logo was used on all communications launching the new brand campaign.

Garfield Realty

Brooklyn's premiere real estate firm. re-naming and branding project.


Wimax as Intel icon for long range wifi service.


Verizon identity update

Verizon / FIOS

Typographic design for FIOS content

NY Aquarium

Wildlife Conservation Society logo refresh

Refer 10

Refer 10 is a new contracting referral program

Young and Rubicam Inc

Corporate logo for Young and Rubicam Brands.

Ospraie Funds

Ospraie fund new identity.


New logo launching AVO events management

Sony / Intervsion

 Merging technology and human insights

Howald and Kalam

Award winning advertising firm.

Holiday Inn

3d pylons for communications


Application icon for fashion brand


Thermal guard logo for heat insulation.

Case Studies re-naming and branding project.

JPMorganChase & Co

Identity and Brand Campaign

JPMC Brands